As the mission statement of our Company reads; “Spreading beauty- for internal & external peace, and prosperity”, we started operating in the 1990s as a company of herbal beauty care cosmetic products. We offer various beauty care brands such as Ayur Herbals, Aromaz, Grow Golds, Nika Ziba, Womsee- Colours of Joy, and Gramin. To know more, please read below.


With the tagline of “Enhancing availability of 100% organic products with zero hassle”, Grow Golds ensures safe food as well as chemical-free fertilizers. We know fertilizers play a vital role in food grain production. Today we suffer from innumerable problems of environmental degradation. Unfortunately, the use of excessive chemical fertilizers has led to not only environmental problems but it has also adversely affected human health. Our mission is to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and adopt an organic mode of farming. We want to build a strong agricultural chain from original organic fertilizers to its manufacturing, thereon to the farm, and lastly to health needs.