20 Oct

R.D.M. Care (India) Private Limited is a company of herbal beauty care cosmetic products founded in the 1990s by Late. Mr Dilvinder Singh Narang. The term R.D.M. stands for ‘Research, Development, and Management’. The mission statement of the Company reads; “Spreading beauty- for internal & external peace, and prosperity”. Today the company successfully runs one of the largest distribution channels in India, covering several regions like Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Jabalpur, Rajasthan, Bangalore, and many more. It offers its clients additional services, such as product manufacturing, package designing, sourcing, logistics, and distribution.

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  • Ayur House, 2/12 West Patel Nagar New Delhi-110008
  • +011-25888931-35
  • ccare@rdmcare.com