You might have heard about organic farming, but what does it exactly mean? Organic farming is a process of using organic fertilizers to yield crops in a way that keeps the soil alive and healthy for the long term. Organic agriculture or farming’s primary motive is to naturally produce crops and keep the soil, crops and humans healthy. According to The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, “Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people.” Organic farming undoubtedly combines science, innovation and tradition to benefit the environment and provide good quality of life to those involved.

Under innumerable reports available online, organic farming has been gaining significant traction globally, primarily, due to the health issues and environmental destruction caused by artificial or synthetic farming. Many countries including India are trying to switch to organic farming to introduce a better and holistic way of farming, not only for the current generation but for the one to come.

While the world is taking one step closer to organic farming techniques like introducing organic fertilizers, India is still way behind in the race. It has been a challenge for Indian farmers to organically produce crops and sell on time, without affecting their livelihoods. The huge potential of this sector remains untapped as suggested by the Seven-member Task Force on Organic and Non-chemical farming, “India presently has less than 1% of its cultivated area under organic farming, despite being historically organic by default prior to the green revolution.” The Ministry of Agriculture is now aiming to cultivate at least 10% of the organic farming area in all states by 2025.

Unquestionably, India will be a future-leader of organic farming with better farming techniques and technology, which will allow farmers to yield crops in approximately less time taken via artificial farming. We at Grow Golds believe that India has the potential to go organic and antichemical fertilizer cultivation. However, the immeasurable potential can only be tapped when organic fertilizers reach every farmer timely and at a low cost. Here comes the idea of Grow Gold; we wish to reach the local farmers, distant villages involved in farming and ordinary people who love gardening at home.

We at R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd believe in organic and natural products that in turn allow the environment to breathe. Grow Golds is a brand formulated to facilitate people with organic fertilizers with zero chemicals. Organic Manure promises excellent soil conditioning and augmentation of natural micronutrients for N2 fixation into the soil through biological activities. This manure is capable of supplying nutrients to plants and improving the soil texture. It is pure and organic manure with no mixed chemical compositions, produced from animals, plants, vegetable wastes, and other organic wastes. This manure increases water consistency as it enables the soil to hold more water. Discarding all the impurities, they provide organic acids that help in dissolving soil nutrients, hence making them available for plants. It avoids common threats such as pests and diseases which can decrease the life of your crop. This manure is non-toxic and eco-friendly that promotes crop growth by improving soil quality. Although organic manure works slow they are gentler without any side effects. They make the crops strong from the very base hence the final grown crop is enriched with organic nutrients, stronger than ever.

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