An Initiative since its Initiation

Since R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd has been initiated, its only motive has been to introduce people to herbal cosmetics and skincare products. We established a brand by the name of Ayur Herbals with a motive to produce and sell products that are extremely harmless to the human skin and hair.

Ayur Herbals has always been known for its minimal use of harmful chemicals in the making. It is a well-renowned brand based on the trust of its users. Today, instead of focusing on the bottle and the presentation of the products, Ayur Herbals has fully devoted itself in manufacturing environment-friendly and cruelty-free products.

Even in the age of high competition in terms of premium quality products and labels, Ayur Herbals takes the onus to inform its customers about the use of toxic ingredients companies are using in the name of nature and natural products. In addition, these products are not only harmful to peoples’ skin and hair but also toxic to the environment and animals.

We are focusing on manufacturing genuinely healthy products keeping in mind the Indian skin and hair quality. Since the Initiation of the company, the best of brains have come together manufacturing premium quality products for our valuable customers.

We believe that it is our sincere responsibility to give consumers what they are expecting from a herbal product, and we ensure that our customers receive it. All our products are based on three important factors:-

  • All the products and bottles are environment-friendly.
  • Minimal use of chemicals
  • No animal testing is done to check the quality of the product.
  • All the bottles are reusable and recyclable.

It has been of high importance for R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd to maintain a brand name for its genuine customers. Like our motto says –– “Spreading beauty- for internal & external peace, and prosperity –– we do not compromise on the quality of the products and will never do

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