A Gift of Cruelty-Free Products(From Us to You!)

Cruelty-free product, until a while back, was just an idea pending file of papers in the office of many industry leaders, but now it has become a nation-wide demand. Animal testing has always been an issue raised by the learned population of India, but unquestionably it remained an unknown fact to many. Not many consumers knew that the product they have been using was tested on poor animals, which were brutally tortured and killed for the betterment of the company. However, as the blurred facts become gradually transparent to the world, customers demanded companies to be cruelty-free and respect the lives of the speechless beings.

Consumers are now being aware of animal cruelty and the products they want to choose. However, there are still many who are unaware of the meaning of the term ‘Animal testing’.

What is Animal Testing?

As per the PETA’s slogan, “Treating sentient beings as if they were inanimate lab tools is wrong, and it’s sloppy science.”

If a company is generating a product and wants to know the effects of the product on human skin, they test the products on the closet thing possible to human skin – Animal skin. Animals are brutally kidnapped from their natural habitat and kept in an alien environment, where they are physically, mentally and emotionally tortured. Sometimes, the experimenters are even unsure of the survival of the animal prior to the experiment.

What do Consumers Want?

Amid growing economic turmoil, socio-political unrest and environmental despair, consumers are coming up with the ideal notion of a product they wish to use. Customers are demanding industry leaders consider the impact of their products on the natural environment seriously and are upfront about it too.

Customers are now well-aware of the manufacturing and testing procedures which in turn encourage companies to produce products that are cruelty-free.

In order to be cruelty-free, companies are now adopting the alternative ways of animal testing to check their product’s quality and the reaction of human skin. The alternative techniques include, In Vitro methods, also known as sophisticated testing on human cells and tissues, studies done on human volunteers, and advanced computer modeling techniques called Silico Models.

The change in the experiments has made industries more reliant on computerized methods and human tissues and cells, instead of animals’ bodies. It is a huge transformation that was longawaited.

How Are We Doing It?

R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd has always been involved in manufacturing products that are environment-friendly and cruelty-free. No products are tested on animals and will never be. The basis of the company was structured on organic and herbal products that are extremely harmless to the environment. We regard animals as beings that need to be loved and not used for the benefit of humans. We follow sheer transparency and mention the use of the chemical percentage used in the products for the customers to be well-aware.

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