21 Oct

R.D.M Care (India) Pvt. Ltd is committed to reducing and improving the use of plastic for Sustainable Development.

Reduce, recycle and reuse The environment is in you. Not all have the privilege to comprehend The importance of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

The transformation starts with ME and YOU, Not with those and them in view. A small action towards a new EARTH, Will ultimately bring the change for a better WORLD.

While it is of high importance for a country to produce its own products and services, it is also of significance for it to manage its garbage production management system well. India is a nation where garbage generation is relatively higher, which in turn is affecting and polluting the environment. However, to believe that the government is solely responsible for waste management is quite a dismaying thought.

Issues Caused by Non-Sustainable Use of Plastic

At first, companies were not restricted from throwing waste in the water or barren lands, but with the increasing number of deaths due to the indigestion of plastic and non-recyclable waste by animals, the government introduced a policy, wherein organizations involving in manufacturing plastic products and other toxic material had to plan their waste management well, along with how they were going to create reusable and recyclable bottles. It was a humungous challenge for India as it increased the manufacturing time and required more effort and cost.

India’s Vision, Our Mission

India’s idea of sustainable development was a topic in priority for R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd. Since our initiation, we had a vision in our minds of a sustainable environment, wherein each and every being had the right to co-exist. In order to achieve this, we had to pen down a plan for reducing the use of plastic in every way possible. With a lot of brainstorming, the company came to a conclusion of producing bottles that are recyclable and reusable. This also became a positive point for us as we had to invest fewer amounts in the packaging. This allowed us to invest more on the products and quality enhancement. Today, all our bottles are Reusable and Recyclable. The salons and individuals alike can reuse the bottles for years to come.

Environment-friendly, Cruelty-free, and three ‘R’s

Undoubtedly, all our products are environment-friendly, cruelty-free and recyclable. These three qualities make R.D.M Care (India) Pvt Ltd an organization diligently working towards a more sustainable India for a better future ahead.

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